Requirements of a Model Agency

A model agency is a company that works in the fashion industry. They employ models that are required to wear the clothes that have been designed. The models used are trained so that they can gain skills in the modeling industry.

Modeling in UK is open to both men and women and different modeling agencies may specialize with one gender or both. There are requirements that a model agency will look at before they can hire you.

One of the most common factors is the height and weight. Most model agencies in UK will require that you have a certain height. Tall models are required because this is an advertising strategy used to reach different kinds of people. If shorter models were used, taller people would assume that they cannot get their size and the clothes are meant for short people. When tall models are used for modeling clothes, short people know that they can get them in their sizes. This could be through the material being cut short or other ways of changing the design to make them fit.

The weight is also very important. Models that are slim to average size are normally used. They tend to make a bigger statement in modeling clothes than plumper people. Slim people also have easy movement and clothes that require to be given movement effects works with them. They can walk faster and swing their hips more.

Model agencies in UK will also require that models have a clear flawless skin. It should gave small pores and with no scars. A scary model would never look good in any kind of modeling item. The skin should also not have tattoos or piercing. The hair should also look healthy and be in a good condition.

The face is quite important because many features can be looked at. A long neck is preferable as well as a square jaw. It is also imperative that you have clear eyes. The model should also have good posture and be able to walk gracefully. If she cannot cat walk, she will be trained how to do that. A good graceful posture will make clothes look good on you.

Apart from the physical attributes, a model agency will require that you carry yourself with confidence. A shy person cannot model because you become a public figure who is always in the presence of masses of people. A model agency in UK will look at the way you sit, answer questions and react to them.

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