The History of New Home Sewing Machines

A New Home sewing machine that you can find in the market these days could have been manufactured a long time ago and may be considered as a collector’s item or a mechanical sewing equipment such as one of the modern models.

In any case, be assured that the New Home sewing machines still work wonders for any sewer.

The start of New Home company began around 1860 when major manufacturers of sewing machines started to battle each other out in pursuit of obtaining lead in the market and securing patents.

That’s when Thomas White came up with what could be the first New Home sewing machine, which he called the New England. Soon his business expanded, despite the many downs that he had to face then, and survived until this day.

Over the years there are already several New Home models that have been released and sold to the public.

There is the model no. 914, which was one of the first New Home sewing machines that were manufactured. It still had a treadle, a hand crank, and a wheel. You needed to step on the pedal and turn the crank for the machine to work and start creating some stitches.

The body, though made of solid metal frame, was elegantly finished. It also came with a cabinet, where you could store the no. 914 model once you were done using it. There was a drawer where you can place a number of much-needed accessories such as threads, bobbins, and scissors, to name a few.

Then there was the model 915, which was basically following model 914. There wasn’t any difference between the two, except that the former had a cover, which could protect the sewing machine itself from dust and from constant movement. Perhaps one of the first half-case sewing machines was the no. 4 New Home sewing machine.

It was still ornamented, but the body was primarily made of nickel. There were also a number of included attachments and which you could make use immediately.

Newer types of sewing machines from New Home include the 104D, which is actually a mechanical model. It has an additional feature, which is a carry handle so you can conveniently bring this with you anywhere you go.

There are also twin needles that you can find included in the sewing machine, so you can sew two colors at the same time. Moreover, there are feed dogs, which will then help you the creation of stitches so they don’t end up puckering or stretching the fabric. Meanwhile, another mechanical model is the L-373. There are 13 built-in stitches, as well as a buttonhole feature.

Having a New Home sewing machine means that you have a very solid machine which may not be as technological or as advanced as other sewing machines, but it can last for a very long time. They do make perfect collectibles, or as heirlooms to your children and even to your grandchildren.

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