Become a Scarf Houdini With Fashion Scarves

This fall and winter become a fashion Houdini. There will probably be a number of times when you’ll be expected to look your best. Sure, you always want to look your best, but these formal events have you sitting in front of the mirror for much longer! For formal and corporate events…use this article an as inspiration to help you add scarves to what you’re already wearing…to make your fashion look, perfect!

Scarves are this season’s hot fashion trend and if you pick up a couple, you’ll add some pop to your winter wardrobe for these formal events.

Going to work each day isn’t always fun. It’s even less fun in the winter when you’re fighting traffic and the winter blahs. A scarf can trick your coworkers into thinking you’re the regular, perky person they know the rest of the year. A bold but subdued solid, non-patterned scarf can look great against a long black wool trench coat – typical winter work wear in many winter climates.

Headed out to a wedding or other fancy affair? Time to dig out your nicest coat and consider a fur (or faux fur) wrap. They look luxurious against a bold colored coat and they are so warm and soft you won’t want to take it off!

For a corporate event, consider a white silk scarf to go with your party dress. That way, you may not even have to wear a coat: your dress and silk scarf will look great together. You can choose to keep your scarf on, or take it off during the event and you’ll be in season no matter what. Not sure what color to get? Purple and pumpkin are two hot colors this season…replacing black and red. While you don’t want to follow fashion fads, some fashion trends can be enjoyed by following them with your accessories. It’s cheaper than buying a new wardrobe!

Not sure how many scarves to get? Consider finding 4 or 5 that work well with a variety of outfits and put them all in your car. Pull them out as necessary and put them on. That way, you’ll always have a selection to choose from and when you show up at the next event – whether it’s formal or casual ‘ you’ll always be in fashion.

Here’s another great idea with scarves: not sure what to get your family and friends? Put on a big wool sweater, wrap yourself in a fun red silk scarf and have yourself photographed in a pile of snow. Then give out a picture of yourself for Christmas or as a Christmas card.

Scarves are great fashion accessories, and this year they are even more fashionable than ever before. Find the right set of scarves to make you look good this season. And don’t forget that scarves are also fantastic gift ideas for that hard to buy for…person on your Christmas list.

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