Black Tie and Its Significance

A black tie means a long band of fabric accessory that suggests formality of outfit. However, it conveys different importance in various fields like in fashion.

A black tie signifies different meanings. Literally speaking, it means a black long piece of neck accessory found under the collar. It comes in various sizes and colors depending on the event where these are used. However in fashion sense, the word suggests a different meaning, which is formality.


A black tie is synonymous with a dinner jacket and tuxedo, which is the dress code for social functions. It is called black because most of the undergarments and accessories worn together with the coat are all black, from bow tie, to lapel, to socks. A tuxedo is usually made of wool or polyester, which makes it more ideal during colder temperature. However, you can now find various fabrics, which are more breathable and suitable in temperate climate.


According to the color psychology, black color in fashion it is often associated with elegance and mystery. It is the prevailing color that has been favored by the experts to represent formal events such as parties, weddings, and other social gatherings. It merely illustrates grace and refinement that no other can color can imitate. While black is the color that is commonly seen during formal occasions, it is a timeless color that is stylish. Black means prim and proper when it comes to occasions. Since it does not radiate any color, it is the best shade to wear in the presence of white or any bright light because it absorbs color making it more conspicuous and appealing. However, in business it also stands for power; thus, you frequently see black in business wears. The authority it flaunts is convincing, which results to successful transactions.

Shop and cost

A formal suit like tuxedo can either be rented or bought. If you want a customized fit, make sure you made an advanced preparation as early as 2 months before the planned event. You can contact local shops and have your body measurements taken. However if you opt for online shopping, you can utilize the size chart provided by the store. Expect that having a tailored fit is a bit pricey, which is around $500-$600 bucks as compared to renting a set of suits for only $100-$200.


Therefore, whenever you see “black tie” in the invitation, assume that you are required to wear a full dress. This compose of a suit, coat, and tie commonly paired with a glossy pair of ticktack shoes. Anything inferior to this is definitely unacceptable. By wearing something that is inappropriate is an understatement of the invitation; therefore, is rude act.

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