Plus Size Women – What Should Be My Plus Size Fashion Sense?

Plus Size Women – What Should Be My Plus Size Fashion Sense?

You are 31 years old, single, a career woman working with different people your age. You want to look and feel good every single day that you go to your office and do your daily work.

What should you do? What should you look for when you are a bit on the heavy side? You are five feet seven and weight more than what you should at 150 pounds. What should you look for when you go shopping for your clothes?

Here are a few tips for those who are a bit overweight in looking for the right clothes for them especially during the summer months when skimpy outfits are very much common in vacation destinations.

1. Wear plain clothes with darker colors to hide bulges on you body.

If you are a bit on the heavy side and wears the plus size, it’s likely you have those noticeable love handles on your waist line. It is better to hide those bulges by wearing darker hues of the colors you love to conceal them a bit and show an illusion of a slender body.

Darker colors would also highlight you beautiful skin should you have a fair skin. It would allow you to highlight your flawless skin and remove the attention from the bulges on your body.

2. Wear vertical stripes and not horizontal ones.

With your plus size, if you want to wear stripes, you have to wear the vertical ones and not the horizontal ones. Verticals will give the illusion of thinness as well as it’s variations like diagonals. Horizontal stripes would only make you look even heavier.

Horizontal stripes could also highlight the bulges on your body making you look heavier. If you wear stripes, do not wear horizontal ones, wear the vertical or diagonal ones to give you an illusion of lightness and thinness or curvaceous ness.

3. Wear flowing clothes that would give the illusion of curves.

If you would like to go along with the rest of the group, even with your plus size, you may way the floral colors of this summer. You may choose to wear flowing clothes that does not cling to the body and give the illusion of thinness just like vertical stripes on stripped clothes. Flowing clothes gives the illusion of a curvy body and thinner figure.

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