Need a Job Fast But Want a Meaningful Career As Well? Your 3 Step Plan

Being choosy when it comes to jobs may seem to be a luxury that you can’t afford in the economic downturn, but you don’t want to end up in a job you hate so much it makes you ill. This is counter productive for several reasons. Yes, it solves the immediate cash flow problem, but if you are constantly stressed and getting physical symptoms like headaches, you won’t be in a fit state to work on your long term career goals.

So you will end up feeling even more depressed than when you were out of work and you may even find yourself comfort shopping for food, clothes or music, which won’t help your financial situation.

So, how can you get a job quickly, while still working towards the career you really want?

Step #1 Have a Long Term Plan

You should think about your long term plans first and then come up with a short-term step which will enable you to earn some money while you are moving towards your goals. Start with your final goal and list all the steps you need to take to reach it.

Next you should look at the immediate situation and which type of temporary job would fit your aims best. Even if the job is not very interesting, it should give you some experience or skills which are relevant to your long term goal.

For example, if you want to get into the fashion industry, working as a sales assistant in a clothing store for a few months would make more sense than working in a pharmacy.

If you want to go to business school and get a high powered job, getting a temporary job in the type of business you want to work in would be a good move, even if you are only making the tea and sweeping the floor.

Step#2 Learn as Much as Possible

Don’t just see your temporary job as a way to get you out of a financial fix. Use it to learn as much as you can about the industry. Read the company website, ask questions, observe what is going on around you.

Step#3 Make a Good Impression

Use your temporary job to make a good impression on people in the business. Do more than is expected of you and ask for additional duties. People will remember you if you do you job exceptionally well and come across as a positive and helpful person. Don’t forget that these people may be in a position to hire you when you are ready to launch your dream career. And getting a glowing reference from a company within the right industry will be a big advantage when you are applying for better jobs later on.

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