Specific Clothing and Jewelry Underlines Some Cultural and Social Meaning

Apart from fashion, a specific clothing and jewelry also indicates a culture and social meanings. For instance, it is believed to be bad to show naked body parts. Different cultures and religions hence have specific dressing sense. The Muslim culture does not allow any exposure of body parts or the anatomy. On the other hand, western culture has much exposure in their look and feel. They rarely care about the exposure, as fitness and comfort is the main thing for them. It is the reason that they have short skirts, trousers, t-shirts, jeans, knickers as their favorite clothing.

Western people are reluctant to wear jewelry also; they wear it on special occasions like in a marriage ceremony or in parties or fashion shows. On the other hand Asian women have a trend to wear heavy jewelry. It also is a status symbol for them. If one is loaded with good heavy jewelry and beautiful apparel one is supposed to be from rich family. Dress code also classifies the sexes, occupation, marital status, religious affiliation as well.

The clothing for different working classes is also vital. One cannot expect a workshop worker who uses to lie beneath the automobiles to wear white or such light color clothes during working hours. He has to wear dark and thick stuffed clothes to do hard labor work. Western brides wear white clothing in the marriage ceremony indicating love, while grooms wear suits. So a dressing sense indicates the importance of that particular moment.

The clothing and jewelry trend also changes with the season of the year. In summers, people love to dress up in white or some other light color, because light colors absorb less heat as compared to dark color. In rainy season, people usually wear raincoats to save their body from rain. The jewelry also keeps on changing with the dress code. The long ear tops match beautiful with the traditional suits or saris.

Nowadays, wide range of stuff is available in the market. People may choose from clothes made up of cotton, silk, wool, leather, nylon etc. Different stuff possesses its own properties. Cotton clothes are warmer than nylon and polyester. With the recent technological developments, the variety of stuff and designing on it has reached new heights. Innovative designs and logos on the clothes and their strength have improved over the years.

Over the years the cultural and religious point of view has also changed a bit and the young generation love to wear clothes, in which they feel comfortable and handsome. They do not hesitate to buy expensive and trendy clothes. The society has become fashion oriented. Everyone wants to possess his own style and look. This has opened opportunities for the jewelry and clothing business. Businessmen provide the latest designs in the market to lure the people.

Each one of us wants to look glamorous and beautiful. The dressing sense is vital in acquiring a gorgeous look. People have become choosy about their dresses and getups.

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