Women Men Want – Regular Clothes in Your Wardrobe That Men Can’t Get Enough Of

The women men want have to dress appropriately. Of course, “appropriate” can change, depending upon the time and situation, as well as the type of man you’re trying to attract. Believe it or not, not all guys will fall for a girl in a dominatrix outfit. From a guys point of view, the following regular items of clothing can and do often get a guys attention. Do not read this article if you don’t like celebrating your femininity.

  1. Blouse – The simple blouse is often all that’s needed to raise an interested male’s eyebrow, particularly if a female is somewhat busty. The buttons allow a degree of flexibility to how flirty you’re feeling that day. It also lends an air of style, depending on style and color. Be aware of some guys who like to take advantage of this and go in for a perve; they’ll be standing to your left.
  2. Skivvy – A figure-hugging skivvy can get many bodies warm other than your own. Personally, I find girls who have good dressing style infinitely sexier than girls wearing less. A skivvy is good because females can actively control how subtle they want to be. Many guys find the lining of the bra cup pressed against a skivvy arousing, but that’s just one idea.
  3. One piece dress – This choice has more of a summery, playful feel to it and women who choose dresses that suit them will have hoards of guys marveling at their youthful, innocent appearance. The thinness of the dress against your bare skin should also awaken sensuality if you’re ever feeling numb. Men like it because it removes all the formal barriers of courtship and it’s just about having fun again back in the teen years when no one worried about anything.

Choosing one of these three items of clothing, amongst many more could supercharge your chances of magnetizing a male into your life. We all know that females are the better of the two sexes when it comes to mixing and matching. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing one of the above items of clothing, “ease” it in by wearing it with something else. Who knows, you might stumble across a combination that will have males practically giving their numbers to you.

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