Fame Operation – Design Shops Rely On Good Way To Save Money

Fame Operation – Design Shops Rely On Good Way To Save Money

Fame in a sense that the sale is not only commodities but also to those who experienced the shopping atmosphere, This requires investors to exert decoration. Redecoration well, it is necessary to spend a lot of money to spend, simple decoration might not attract consumers to stop, draining away business opportunities. In the end how to balance the relations between the two, both to save money and attract customers? Some renovation experience is worth from other investors.Anyone who Although in the field of clothing investment novice, but her social experience and a lot.

In reality, she did marketing, advertising and many other work, Therefore Fame decoration think of a better way to save money. She shops in the area of around 16 square meters, is long and narrow-based. To allow more beautiful shop more attractive, she two walls around shallow brush into gold, After the door to see that the wall is as watermelon red brush. Color harmony and contrast, impressive.

In addition, she is still on the roof of lifting the wave-butter color machinery, both sides of the shelves in the top of the nail 10 hereby fashion paintings, beating on 20 lamp The location of the entrance window will hang a red veil, yarn up in front of a model. Machinery to create the warmth and romantic effect, she became a row of shops in a dozen or so of the most beautiful store is the most eye-catching. A business attracted a lot of people curious eyes.Her shops with almost cost of refurbishing the area, some of the savings may have to spend some Dollars..

This cheaper method is very simple, it is a first relatively well-known clothing stores and specialty stores visited, Set a good return forms to determine their decoration style, but it does not go any decoration companies or contractors. but put the decoration process of decomposition of each item, and find their own materials, buy materials in the material requested to sell the boss on workers, wages can talk directly with the workers, This avoids the intermediate stages of exploitation, of course, is money.

The process is not complex, for example, she need to brush into the wall she designed color, Below material on the market for sale of the paint shop and asked the shop owner wall area and the quantity to purchase. Shop owners to help her counted, No need to hurry, but for many in the market with the site, Price find the cheapest will be bought, and asked to help her boss introduced whitewashers mentor. The market for building materials dealers are generally familiar with many of the workers reported the price is not high. This can save at least twice the cost of refurbishing.

Shop image should not be settled –

Image design in the shops, not hard to move pre-existing sets of standards, It will need its own on-site inspection and shop around and see the direction of flow of people, sunshine, obstructions, shop around color, style, in accordance with these specific elements, in accordance with the design standards. Now many of Fame in image design shops are very arbitrary,

It is based on their imagination or copy shops in the classroom, there is no shop which inspected the actual location, let alone investigation of a rival.Product display is the steep learning, the quality of sales and 40{e7d6fa4e8694ee13263b5b1b267d343b9ec32481fb17b24e2dd9c88ec2e630a8} of the factors is on display. Perfect display good will display the advantages of products to allow consumers to buy the products of impulse. Display is divided into themes display, promotions display, the design of display, based on different time for different display, In order to attract consumers, have good sales.

Costume style and image positioning from the shop’s customer base classification, the distinction between different styles to use different modes of publicity. Leisure clothing stores should give free, relaxed feeling, a sense of rhythm-up background music, a strong contrasting colors and gorgeous lighting, folding up, the positive display, side to display mutual interludes, shelves in the display does the whole free feeling. Lady’s shopping centers have feminine colors, pale blue-white, red + white, red + white, Truosere + white, white, Black + White, are a good choice, shopping lines to flow line, slim, soft lighting, more mirror (born women love to look in the mirror, the mirror when you here more often. Even if you do not see the clothes they would have attracted them. ) and men’s was looking at the lines, deep colors mainly, Walnut, and other multi-use material.

Design shops particular attention to a number of factors –

1. Shopping centers color uniform, wearing the decoration and color to be very harmonious together. people will be able to see a store’s main colors, but here is not to allow the reunification of clothing and decoration exactly the same color, so let the store was very dull monotone, it should let local and compared to overall.

2. The purpose of lighting.In clothing stores, lighting plays a key role the same piece of clothing with no illuminated lights and the display effect is completely different. especially those from the model of single pieces of the show, we use searchlights for display. Light color, we should also appropriately, blue light gives a very cool, cold and the feeling of magic (Summer) Amber lights give people a warm feeling (winter clothes).

3. The fitting room is very important, customers make the decision to buy clothes most of the fitting room, But many shops are not fitting room or fitting room very primitive, it will affect the ultimate customer purchase.

4. Must elapse running display shelf space can be divided into the main channel and vice Corridor background image on the main board or the entrance channel to buy the farm owner.

Shop merchandise display skills –

1. The same color match. The same color clothes together give people very uncomfortable feeling, the same attention to the color mix and not the same style, and the same length put together so people can feel like a warehouse.

2. Contrasted mix. Is used to express a warm color sheets, such as: green clothes stunning red dress with yellow and blue clothes stunning clothes, placed in a bamboo pole on time and not to let the sheets and warm color 50/50, preferably about 3:7 ratio more suitable, attention to the well-being of color interludes.

3. Reasonable use of living area. The so-called living area is the first to face the direction of flow of people most likely to see the region, contrary to the dead zone. Featured put their own style on wood, another contributory on the dead zone, which could greatly enhance sales.

4. The number of models to control. Some operators think the model more susceptible to the effect of exhibits, in its own shops up many models, However, it will have the opposite effect, give us the feeling that some of the brands “water”, “Suddenly” offer the best models wore models on the best results.

5. Reasonable use “live models.” Purchasing the store’s clothing is the live models, which they wear styles which will be sold styles, but to reduce inventory methods.

6. The time to grasp in place. To understand the day to buy clothes to interfere with women’s example, on Monday, two, three, four years of full-time general is the wife, This can bring some fashion, the price is higher, the unique style of clothes on the living area and the model wore on.Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday, visiting the stores were mostly working women in peacetime, Medium best to keep prices of clothing hanging on the living area and the model has.

7. Stores have displayed a sense of rhythm. Not to the color-too rigid store on the left of the cloud is warm color right too uncoordinated, cold mix to have a sense of rhythm.


For clothing stores, style decoration in place is half the success. May decoration is a complicated matter, scheduling, project budget, decoration quality, and so on the details too much, If you want to change it a little partial, often with a decoration company in communication all day. So many people simply muddle through, or free in a few crepe paper affixed to the wall, or pick any color walls, originally insufficient light on the shop brush into green walls, resulting from the outside looks like store is not switch on the light. consumers do not wish to go into.

Decomposition of the renovation process could allow many people feel that the trouble But many clothing stores in the renovation are taken-not-included contracting methods, in order to save money and ensure the quality of the decoration materials, That right hand is not well with the small investors, may be the first month of operation, net profit Therefore, please do not underestimate the decoration of the various methods to save money.

Brand joining Fame display design principles –

1. The overall display goods reunification. To achieve the effect of exhibits fully reflect brand design philosophy, from the overall design of the logo shop models, Taiwan’s gestures were placed such details, must embody the design and display of thrust and intent.

2. Were placed links mix. Series products equivalent to maintain and display goods products in the form of a series of arrangements for display, products will be highlighted in the design structure of the advantages.

3. The structure for a practical and effective. In order to create an atmosphere costumes display effect, The design of the device should be fully operational embodiment clothing products supporting role.

4. The exhibition space to create a rational, smooth and strong guidance.The marketing concept is more emphasis on the psychology of consumers feel that they need to adequate free space, freedom of choice, enhanced guidance factors in store sales, better hidden strengthening marketing efforts.

5. Goods display unique style chic, features prominent. This not only makes clothing store image is the character will be enriched products to the external image, exaggerated brand appeal.How to shop space and the design of the display and received good results.

In addition to its own brand with the features and styles, but keeps around from successful examples of brand new content absorption, improvement and development of design and display content. This not only from the market continue to produce good results and can effectively promote the brand image, culture, quality improvement.

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