Hannah Montana Halloween Costumes – Be Your Own Stylist to Make Your Daughter’s Costume Unique

Hannah Montana Halloween Costumes – Be Your Own Stylist to Make Your Daughter’s Costume Unique

Want to find unique Hannah Montana Halloween costumes but can’t afford the time and effort it takes to make one from scratch? Well there is a solution.

Face it, we mothers are busy – between taking care of our families, cooking, cleaning, our jobs, volunteering at school, car-pooling – well, WHEW . I am exhausted just thinking about it. Who has the time to make an outfit from scratch. My suggestion is to buy one of the terrific selections of Hannah Montana Halloween costumes that are available, and then customize the costume by becoming your own stylist.

Every fashionista, including models and actors, have their own stylist. The stylist is in charge of taking clothes and turning them into knockout outfits.

Fashion stylists are responsible for bringing life to a fashion occasion, whether that it a fashion shoot, a stage performance, or a walk down the red carpet. They create the mood by selecting the appropriate props, fashions, accessories to fit the theme. They coordinate colors and styles, adding just the right accessories, perfecting the makeup and hair, and turning the clothes into a fashion event.

They take a store bought item and make it stand out. So lets take our purchased Hannah Montana Halloween costume and make it rock by being your own stylist.

The Hair, The Hair

First, some of the costumes come with wigs and some don’t. Be sure you read the details so you know exactly what comes with any purchased costume. If your daughter has long blonde hair, well you are all set. Wear it straight with bangs and you have the Hannah Montana rock star hair. Just look at some pictures online of Hannah Montana and see if you can duplicate one of her styles.

Hannah has long hair, but it is not blonde, you could use one of the spray temporary hair colors that are available around Halloween. Personally, I would be afraid that my daughter would end up looking like a clown with yellow hair instead of luscious long blonde hair. So, If your daughter does not have naturally long blonde hair, I suggest springing for a wig. Look for a wig with long, straight blonde hair and straight bangs.

Project Runway Ready Accessories

Always check to see what your costumes comes with before you go any further. But if it did not come with all the accessories, here is a plan.

First, a must have is an oversized, sparkly metallic belt. This will add glitter to the Hannah Montana Halloween outfit. Find something that your daughter will want to wear with her regular clothes so you make the best use of your money. If you have a belt around that you are willing to decorate, you can go to any craft store and use some hot glue to decorate your belt with sequins or other sparkly decorations. Be sure you do not decorate the part of the belt that needs to go in the loop or it probably won’t fit through. If you do not have the right type of belt, then take a scarf and tie it in place of the belt. Tie it over a belt so it still looks like a belt and not just a scarf.

Next, let’s find some rock star jewelry. This depends on whether your Hannah Montana Halloween costume has a skirt or slacks. In ALL cases, she can use a sparkly bracelet or a sparkly, but small, necklace. I like a silver cuff bracelet for its versatility. If you prefer, you can use a small necklace. A cute pendant always works. Just be sure it sparkles and is something your daughter will want to wear after Halloween. I would not do both the bracelet and the necklace. That starts to scream overdone. Like they say in fashion circles, after you put on your jewelry, take one piece off. Always good advice. My suggestion is to look at a bunch of Hannah Montana photos and see what type of accessories she is wearing. You can always try to duplicate one of her looks.

Last But Not Least – The Makeup

You don’t need to be Smashbox studios to turn your daughter into Hannah Montana the rock star, but you do need a few makeup tips. Put some extra sparkle in your makeup. A little sparkly lip gloss and blush and a touch of glitter will be great. Remember to add sparkle on the eyes and lips. Define the eyebrows so they have a clear arch, and then put on several layers of mascara.

So, have fun with this. You can be your own fashion stylist and send your daughter out for Halloween trick-or treating looking like a unique Hannah Montana rock star diva. Happy Halloween. Here is a cute video that rotates photos of the real Miley Cyrus with photos of some Halloween costumes. You can look at the real Miley (aka Hannah Montana) accessories to get some ideas. Here is the link for this YouTube Video: Hannah Montana Halloween Costumes Video

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