What Does That Fair Trade Sticker Really Mean?

As many people have already noticed, there has been an increase in how many products are labeled with the fair trade logo, but what does that sticker really mean and how do products obtain one? To begin, the Fairtrade Labeling Organization (FLO) defines fair trade as an alternative approach to traditional trading between producers and consumers. More or less this is a social movement that promotes sustainability. Through this producers are offered better deals and in turn are able to improve the quality of their lives and plan for their future needs. When trades are done fairly both parties benefit. Consumers are able to buy products that match their values and ethics and also contribute to the depletion of poverty. Not only are producers and consumers benefiting from fair trade but there are also some environmental benefits to fair trade. FLO encourages producers to use farming and production practices that are environmentally sustainable.

The FLO uses a set of standards that are used in order to ensure that producers are receiving prices that cover their cost of sustainable production and promote projects that augment social, economic and environmental development. These standards are used when producers are producing such things as coffee, bananas, rice and other such natural resources. However, fair trade doesn’t stop at natural resources.

According to FLO, fair trade is even used with products such as sporting equipment because many workers who produce these products are working long hours for below legal minimum wage. With these policies implemented these workers are able to provide for themselves on a more sustainable basis. Take a look at this video from the FLO website and see how this is improving the lives of producers: http://www.fairtrade.net/films.html

This movement is about the improvement of people’s lives. With this everyone is able to be a more conscientious producer and consumer and in turn contribute to environmental sustainability making for a more eco-friendly world.

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