The Eco Wardrobe – Choosing Sustainable Clothing

One of the hardest areas in life to make eco choices is the clothes we wear. Both men and women who take in their appearance are reluctant to swap style for sustainability.

However, the dowdy image of hemp trousers and tie-dyed shirts are a long way from some of the green and sustainable clothing that is available.

Often, knowing what represents green or eco friendly clothes can be quite difficult but in general eco clothing should be:

* Sustainable

* Organic

* Eco friendly to manufacture

There are of course have other ethical concerns when it comes to buying clothes but often natural and eco friendly clothing comes from ethical and fair manufacturers.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is increasingly common. The cotton is grown naturally in sustainable farms and eco friendly techniques are used in it’s processing. Just like regular cotton, organic cotton can be used in all sorts of clothes such as organic cotton t-shirts.


Wool is another great natural fabric from a sustainable source. Often it is mixed with other fabrics but there are plenty of pure woolen items out their. Pure wool duvets and towels are a strong recommendation if you like comfort.


Bamboo is perhaps the most eco friendly clothing material. As a grass it grows tremendously fast requiring no pesticides or herbicides for encouragement. And once harvested it can be replenished in weeks. Bamboo is incredibly flexible and every bit as comfortable as cotton and is used in a variety of bamboo clothing such as bamboo activewear and bamboo baby clothes.

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