Tips For Buying a Wedding Dress in 2009

Tips For Buying a Wedding Dress in 2009

Fortune for brides-to-be in 2009, this year we see some revolutionarily beautiful styles of wedding dresses that set the trends. Vera Wang, the genius bridal dress stylist, has launched her newest collection of wedding dresses for 2009. For girls who are interested in couture style bridal gowns, look into Vera Wang’s new creation and you will easily get familiar with the prevalent trends of bridal gowns this year. As a matter of fact, Vera Wang has become a significant source of the inspiration for the globe’s wedding dress wholesale market every year since she rooted her fame deep into the world. Here come a few of the most noticeable trends for 2009:

Goddess Column Styles

Column styles set one of the trends of women’s dresses in 2008, now this style becomes a hot trend in the bridal gown collections this year. A goddess column wedding dress, in some sense, brings us back to Greece’s old age when the goddess was so sacred and lovely, being worshipped with utter sincerity by ordinary people. A great number of ladies go on to love this style, and make it as their favorite option in choosing a bridal dress. Styled in a goddess bridal gown, a bride can look extremely fabulous as the structured cut of this style features a lovely personality that you can find nowhere among other styles. Likewise, it will be equally wonderful if maids of honor style in goddess gowns to fit the bride’s goddess column wedding dress, and interesting!

One-Shoulder Styles

Similarly, one-shoulder styles of gowns were widely sought-after last year. Now in the hottest trends of wedding dresses in 2009, this style apparently stands out. One-shoulder dresses are often dubbed as ‘the No. 1 sexy style’ for girls. Indeed, besides the feminine single strap over one shoulder and the bareness of the other shoulder, the asymmetrical design gets rid of the traditional double straps or strapless looks, giving a spell of beauty that is unique and appealing. From fashion magazines, to red carpets, we often see celebrities resort to this style of gowns to gain attention. Similarly, each ordinary bride desires to pull attention and look best on her special day, and one-shoulder bridal gown is definitely a great choice to achieve this wish!

Casual Styles

Today brides no longer have to wear long-length, long-train and doll-like wedding dresses on their special days. ‘Return to simplicity’ seems to be more and more popular, not only in wedding dresses, but also in other clothing. Decorations like ruffles, layers and flowers seem redundant for a casual wedding dress, though these adornments are often adopted in general bridal dress designs. Featured by high hemlines, tea-length bridal dresses are an important look for this year’s popular trends of wedding gowns. On the surface, these shorter bridal dresses look conventional, but in nature they are much more chic and stylish than common bridal dresses. Though not clearly distinctive from other dresses, tea-length bridal gowns can be transformed into many other alternations after the wedding is over. For instance, you can wear the gown as a dancing dress or a reception dress for an important.

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