My Shopping Genie Out In The Open

My Shopping Genie has been getting a lot of attention recently, not because it’s a great FREE application that can help you find the best deals online, BUT because of the MLM business model attached to it.

My Shopping Genie is run by MyNet Universe and is well endorsed by the online giants E-bay, Amazon & Clickbank, this should be putting your mind at rest for a start. It will pop up on your browser showing the best deals when you search for a product.

A couple of weeks back an investigation was carried out on the Genies ‘business opportunity’ by an Irish television programme called Prime Time. They are calling it an outright scam because of its ‘pyramid’ nature and lack of tangible ‘product’.

The product is a license or right to sell the Genie to others who enter the business, for which you will be paid. You also have the right to give away the software download to consumers for free; it will cost you $199 to sign up. Remember the ongoing cost of 30 bucks a month! This business was co-founded by a guy called Bruce Bise who says the whole thing is legit and legal. He himself has done time for fraud before..

When a Genie distributor signs up they will earn $100 for every 2 new licenses they sell. Of course one of the perks of this binary compensation plan is that you are being paid for bringing in others into the system, which will of course prompt some to start making ‘scam’ allegations.

Of course you are then also eligible for the other income earning streams of pay-per-click (PPC), pay-per-sale (PPS), and pay-per-offer (PPO) as the users of the Genie Web Apps you gave them shop and price compare at hundreds of thousands of online stores for millions of products and special offers.

It’s pretty much a given fact that with any company, particularly a ‘home business’ type deal, there will be complaints. Some people just don’t like the idea of free enterprise, some are jealous, others have tried and failed, there will be a ton of other reasons as well. What we need to do is look at the facts as they really are and determine if any actual fraud has taken place.

If you want to see if there are any complaints registered against the opportunity/company in question then you can go to the Better Business Bureau. Doing a search on MyNet Universe, the company behind the Genie shows that they have a B+ rating which is very respectable. In the last thirty six months their records show no complaints whatsoever. There is a record that the company received a recommendation and warning for using the word FREE in their advertising, apart from that there is nothing else.

To be honest you will need to make your own mind up about the legitimacy of My Shopping Genie. If someone generally doesn’t like the MLM business model then the Genie is not for them..

If you are someone who disapproves of network marketing in general then you are probably against the Genie business opportunity. For me personally I prefer a business with tangible products, so the Genie isn’t 1st on my list. You also need to remember that a large amount of the bad press that MLM has received over the years is mostly due to unscrupulous marketers making unethical and hyped up claims of easy wealth.

I like the Genie’s pay plan, it is a legitimate network marketing business I feel with some great potential for building a residual online income.

There are already people making some good money with the Genie, these people are using simple strategies to generate massive amounts of leads to their business and they understand the principles of effective marketing.

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