Making Beautiful Wedding Reception Music

The music you eventually have for your wedding reception music will set the mood for the entire party. Depending on the kind of reception you want, you will choose the music to go with that type of event. You have many choices for your music such as a lively dance party, smooth jazz, classical, or great background music. To help you choose your wedding reception music there are online wedding music guides you may want to research.

>>> Record Your Music Selections

Here is a helpful guide you can print and use to record your music selections for this very important part of your wedding day:

Introduction Song:

First Dance:

Father/Daughter Dance:

Mother/Son Dance:

Cake Cutting Song:

Bouquet Toss Song:

Garter Toss Song:

Last Dance Song:

Open Dancing Songs:

Background music for a cocktail time or during the time guests are dining:

Requests (if you are having them):

>>> Music for Every Event

The list of the songs you decide you want for your wedding reception should be discussed with your DJ or band well prior to the reception. It may be that if you are having a live band they will need time to learn the songs if they do not know them.

While your guests are enjoying dining and their good food it’s not a good idea to have boisterous dance music or vocals interrupting their table conversations. This is the time for light classical, soft rock or jazz; save the up tempo type music for when the meal is over and the party progresses.

You may want to do what some couples are doing. They are putting together a CD with their favorite music and the songs that mean something to them to play during the dining hour. Your father/daughter and the mother/son dance are so very special to you of both. It’s usually a slow and easy dance that you can enjoy and make it your very personal time together on a very busy day.

>>> Live Band or DJ

When you choose a live band or DJ there are more things to decide. A live band is certainly a better choice for a more formal wedding as it is considered more elegant but they don’t have the range and variety of music a DJ can provide and are usually selected because the bride and groom feel they reflect their personal taste.

When auditioning the bands make sure to inquire as to how often they take their breaks and for how long. Also, what kind of music they provide as background when they are taking those breaks. DJs today often provide disc jockey packages that will include an emcee. It is the emcee’s job to get and keep the party going. This is truly a wonderful thing as the emcee, along with the disc jockey, lead the guests in new or different dances and just keep it all flowing. Another thing is they tend to be less expensive than a live band.

You may not be sure of which to hire so the best way is to audition a number of potential music makers and ask to see some audition tapes. You need to check with the venue where the reception will be held as to what kind of sound system they have, and talk to whoever is providing the music well ahead of the wedding day about what is there and what they will bring or need. You sure don’t want surprises that day!

Your wedding reception will be all you dream it to be when you choose “just right for you” wedding reception music.

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