Look For Wholesale Distributors Before Shopping at a Children’s Clothing Store

It wasn’t long ago when I was managing a children’s clothing store and knew the many ins and outs of selling and buying kid’s clothes. It was an interesting task to learn how to help little girls find appropriate clothes or help the grandmas find clothes for birthdays or holidays. Some people would easily spend $500 on their little one without any twinge of worry, while others would contemplate how to spend their $30 on an outfit. The other thing you learned as a manager was the different price points on clothing. You had to find a balance to make it work, because too many expensive items wouldn’t sell and neither would too many cheap clothes. Some of this decision-making depended on where your store was located, and since mine was in a tourist region, summer was a good time to sell product. However, you quickly realized during the off-season, the locals were less likely to buy full price and would browse the sales racks for deals.

I’m back to being a regular consumer who has to shop wisely to outfit my girls. There are days where I miss clothing markets and learning the new styles for the next season. However, I was really excited when I discovered wholesale websites, where quality designer clothes were offered at incredibly low prices. I couldn’t even buy these clothes as a retailer at such a low price.

The reason why wholesale retailers are able to sell their clothes at such incredible prices is because they look for manufacturers or wholesalers going out of business or bankrupt. Their prices are phenomenal, and it’s why I’m shopping for clothes here rather than a children’s clothing store. This is definitely a better deal than anything I’ve ever seen before, and I saw a lot of clothes.

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