FHI – Some of the Best Flat Irons

Their new president, Shauky Gulamani, has high expectations for the brand in 2012 stating that he, “looks forward to continuing the company’s commitment to the salon stylist as well as providing world-class education and superior products that help support the professional salon market.” He promises that in the new year he will, “continue to build relationships with stylists, salon owners and distributors around the world while listening to their needs. He is an award-winning stylist with over 33 years of experience in the hair industry which will be a huge asset to FHI.

The FHI brand was established in 2003 and quickly became a top contender in the world of heat styling tools. The company paired up with top styling tool manufacturers to create revolutionary products that have become favorites among professional hair care experts and beauty enthusiasts alike. One of the most notable characteristics about the brand is that they offer many different options and features on their products. Rather than just changing up the colors or designs on their products, they continuously create newer, more efficient tools. Another thing that stands out about this brand, is that their tools offer a “healthy heat” for the hair. Many styling tools can be harmful and damaging to the hair, but FHI has fine tuned their products to create great results while still being gentle on the hair. In particular, FHI offers an ideal line of some of the best flat irons that are perfect for salon and at-home use. FHI has created some of the industries top flat irons in several different sizes, as well as a portable mini version.

Some of the best types of FHI straightening irons are the Runway, Kore, EPS, and Platform models. The Runway model has six layers of ceramic plates and offers the widest range of temperatures in the industry. This allows stylist to cut styling time and create longer lasting styles. The Kore model has been created with anodized aluminum plates that are resistant to fading, chipping, peeling, etc. as this material’s strength is second only to diamonds. The EPS series is very popular among stylists because it is very powerful and will last for professionals who have a high volume of clients. Like the Runway model, this model also offers the widest range of temperatures in the industry, which stands at 140 degrees to 450 degrees. One of the main differences between these two models is that the EPS is the first to offer RAPIDTEK technology, which allows the iron to heat up to its full capacity (450 degrees) in around 25 seconds. The Platform model, which is the least expensive of these four models at $145 and the most popular, offers many similar features all in one. It has the 140 degree to 450 degree temperature range, 3 layers of ceramic plates, and it heats up quickly. It yields great results for stylists, is resistant to scratching and peeling, and is very affordable.

These four models have become some of the best performing and most widely used throughout the hair industry and are a top choice among professionals. Asides from the sleek design and range of sizes, FHI hair irons create excellent results and are extremely durable. When a professional stylist invests in a heat styling tool, they need to be sure that the product will be effective and long-lasting and the FHI brand most certainly delivers all of these qualities.

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