Food Dehydrator Reviews

When buying a food dehydrator you’ll want to get the most efficient model for your dollar. Food dehydrator shopping can be difficult if you are unsure of what you are looking for. However it can be easy if you know what you want to do with one. A few practical steps will help you better shop for the right food dehydrator. Read on and I’ll show you just how simple buying the right food dehydrator really is.

Some ideas to review when shopping for a food dehydrator can be made into a small rather simplistic list. Think about how much storage space your dehydrator will need. This can be done by by figuring out not only how often you’ll be dehydrating food but how many different types of foods you plan on dehydrating in your food dehydrator. If you’ll be dehydrating many different types of foods quite frequently or at the same time then consider buying 2 smaller food dehydrators for about the same cost as one larger food dehydrator. The reason this is a practical idea is because different types of foods need to dehydrate for different time periods and have different drying times. For instance you would never want to dehydrate meat and fruit at the same time in your food dehydrator because the drying times are just to different.

Try to keep the wattage of your food dehydrator at or just above 500 watts with a 4 to 12 tray capacity. If you buy a food dehydrator with 1000 watts or more of power then consider adding more trays to keep your food from over dehydrating and becoming to dry. Likewise if you have a 24 tray food dehydrator and its fully stuffed and you have 500 watts of power you may run the risk of your food not dehydrating properly. The problem then could be that the food will not dry completely which can lead to mold or bacteria growing even inside the food.

A very common mistake that many make when buying a food dehydrator is buying a cheap “no name” model. You may wonder why this matter? The reason being “testing”, usually lesser known named models in food dehydrators have not been tested as well and also may not work efficiently or will simply burn out to fast. When that happens you are stuck dealing with getting a refund and that can be a bigger hassle than shopping for the right model. Another common mistake many people make with a food dehydrator is spending entirely too much. If you don’t need a $200 18 tray food dehydrator don’t buy one. Buy a rather more affordable 500 watt 12 tray food dehydrator for $80-$100 instead and you’ll have a lot more excess money to spend on buying food to put into it. All of the above tips will help you buy a food dehydrator that is practical for what you want one for and will keep you from buying the wrong model.

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