Facts About Greek Clothing

Greek clothing is not a force to reckon with. Greek clothing is becoming one of the most popular clothing apparel trends throughout the United States. Most all college campuses feature some sort of Greek campus, or their own made up Greek lettering for their school. Obviously, the Greek houses on campus know the importance of their Greek wearing, but not many others do. They just wear it because it is a popular fashion trend and others are doing it too. Greek clothing is becoming especially popular with sorority houses. Here are some interesting facts about Greek clothing and sorority clothing that you may not have been aware of.

Greek clothing was originally created as a functional garment. It was designed to help distinguish those in the fraternities and sororities from other social societies as well other Greek houses. Since that time, it has become a fashion trend, but still holds its importance as a distinguishing factor as well as showing pride and loyalty to the house.

Sorority clothing is designed to show off each of the sorority house member’s personal style. While it also shows loyalty to the sisterhood and the Greek house, the sorority clothing is also a fashion statement that is accessorized by including glitter lettering, rhinestones and a variety of colors.

Many sorority houses insist on their members wearing their sorority clothing a certain amount of times a week. The reason for doing so is to remind the girls in the sisterhood of their core values. It becomes an issue of pride to for a sorority girl to wear her sorority clothing.

Sorority clothing is designed to give the girls a sense of pride when they are attending social events outside of their sorority. With so many different types of Greek wearing available such as sweatshirts, t-shirts, pajamas, jackets, hats, caps, bags and purses, there is something that can be worn no matter what the event or occasion. Before it became a popular fashion trend, only members of the fraternity or sorority were allowed to wear official merchandise. It was not available for purchase in campus stores unless you could show proof of being a part of the Greek house.

There are all sorts of fashionable Greek wearing and merchandise available for the fashion forward members of any Greek house. This Greek wearing is made for guys and girls and comes in other forms besides clothing such as blankets, bags, shower curtains, pillows, bedding and even technology covers such as iPod cases and wallets.

When shopping online, you can get any type of sorority clothing and other Greek wearing as well. Many alumni of Greek houses like to show their support by wearing the clothing of their sorority or fraternity house as well as purchasing items for friends and family members as well. This not only allows them to show their support for the Greek house but shows their pride that they were a part of a family that supported them through their college years.

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