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For modern and fashionable female guests there is the perfect unique wedding favor and that is the ‘Pink Polka Purse’ Manicure Set. This pink purse with the black polka dots contains everything needed for a flawless manicure. This makes the wedding favor not only a chic touch to any table as a decoration, but also useful and something that any woman can use.

This wedding gift catches the attention of any woman who enters the wedding reception hall. These little unique favors are pink purses covered with black polka dots and have a nice handle and the thank you tag is even matching and also purse shaped. When opened this purse shows its pink colored interior and included is a nail file, scissors, clippers and a tweezers. Not only are these items necessary for a manicure, but it is also of high quality and made of stainless steel. Modern weddings are well supplemented by this unique favor and it makes a nice decorating touch. The purse colors can be used to stand out against traditional colors or it can match the colors of the d├ęcor.

Women are known to like different kinds of wedding favors than men. A unique way of pleasing a woman that is invited to the wedding is with the ‘Pink Polka Purse’ Manicure Set favor. It can be placed where the woman should be seated and then it will be obvious where the female guests should be located. Choosing unique favors that are different for women then men makes the guests feel special, because they know that thought was put into the decision.

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