High Definition Wedding and Event Photography

Perhaps you’ve seen ads from companies that specialize in Chicago HD weddings and event photography, and you’re wondering what it is – and whether it’s worth exploring for your wedding or event.

In a nutshell, HD photography and videography use the latest digital technology to capture images that are richer and that have more depth than traditional digital photos and video. Although the difference is not always obvious to the naked eye, it quickly becomes apparent when the images or video are viewed on an HD screen.

“HD” stands for “high definition,” which refers in part to the image quality, and in part to the file format. HD files are usually about 50 to 200{e7d6fa4e8694ee13263b5b1b267d343b9ec32481fb17b24e2dd9c88ec2e630a8} larger in size than similar files saved in traditional formats. This extra data produces much finer detail, which results in a crisper, more defined image.

More and more people are choosing a Chicago HD wedding and event photography over more traditional videography, for two reasons. First, of course, is the difference in image quality. Second, HD files are more likely to be compatible with consumer electronics in the future.

But the improved quality can come at a price: In some cases, you can expect to pay 25{e7d6fa4e8694ee13263b5b1b267d343b9ec32481fb17b24e2dd9c88ec2e630a8} to 75{e7d6fa4e8694ee13263b5b1b267d343b9ec32481fb17b24e2dd9c88ec2e630a8} more for HD services than you would for traditional photography and videography.

Even so, you may decide that the extra cost of a Chicago HD wedding and event photography is worth it for you. For many people, there is no question that a once-in-a-lifetime event should be captured on the most advanced, most sensitive technology available.

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