Your Dream Job – 5 Steps to Defining and Refining What You Love Into a Job

Your Dream Job – 5 Steps to Defining and Refining What You Love Into a Job

One of the biggest challenges of turning something you love into a dream job or business is clarifying and detailing just what you love about it. These questions should help.

One – How broad is your area of interest?

For example, if you answer is, “I love working with people,” that is very broad. There are myriad opportunities to work with people, really unlimited. So, if your initial thought is something very broad like this, the next step is to begin tightening that description.

Two – What about that makes you happy?

So, you like working with people. Do you like helping people solve problems? Making them laugh? Physically fixing things for them like a car or a blender? Physically fixing them like bandaging wounds or stitching them up? Do you want to help people in dire need such as disaster victims? Is it that you are social and like to be in a big group that is interacting all the time? Ask yourself questions that identify the specifics of your enjoyment.

Three – Can you describe your perfect day doing what you love?

Sit back and write out a list of how your perfect day looks with you doing what you love. Does that kind of job exist? If you are having trouble defining what your perfect day looks like, a great alternative is to define what you absolutely do not want to do. Sort of, what is the worst day like for you? Often, being clear on what you do not want will help you define what you do want.

Four – What kind of jobs already exist that do this?

Do you know anyone who has your dream job? If so, work to set up an informational interview to learn more. Is there a job out there that is “sort of, kind of” what you want to do, but not exactly? It would still benefit you to interview people who do it – tell them your idea and get their feedback. Likewise, does it require certifications, specific education, etc? If what you want to do exactly exists, but you need specific things to do it – that is a different challenge!

Five – Can you create a “wildest dreams” job?

I know of a lady who wanted to make a living reading romance novels. She created a blog, which lead to interviews, which lead to writing reviews, which lead to other things, which lead to her making a living reading romance novels. So, go ahead, think of what your day would be like if you could do exactly what you want and why.

Once you do this exercise, do it again to continue to refine and define exactly what it is you want to do and why. The more you understand what it is about your area of interest that works for you, the easier it will be to begin turning that into a job or career.

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