Spring Wedding Themes Create a Picturesque Wedding Event

Spring wedding themes are among the most popular for brides since there is something so romantic about the season and if you’ve always dreamed of getting married in the spring, we’ll help you make that dream a reality with careful planning and ideas for creating the perfect spring wedding on a low budget.

Decide on Your Venue
In order to settle on one of the many seasonal wedding themes that you dream of, you first need to decide on a wedding venue. At first you may think you must find spring wedding venues that are exclusive to the season.

But actually most venues can work from season to season. And if you choose a setting that inherently has a lot of lush flora and fauna, it will not only reduce your decorating costs, but it actually enhances the overall look of the wedding.

Selecting Your Flowers
After finding your perfect location, focus on the supplemental floral decorations that you may need. Spring wedding flowers are some of the most beautiful flower that you can have.

Tulips, lilacs, and orchids all bring with them a simple elegance and beauty that can add to your bouquets and arrangements. Additionally they are available in a few different colors which can help you tie them into your overall color scheme. However, flowers are not the only wedding decorations that you are going to want to think about.

If you’re having a sunset affair, and to really create a bit of magic, hang candles around the ceremony area. Decorative accents like this can really enhance your event.

A Delectable Spring Wedding Menu
Wedding menus should also reflect the flavor profiles of the season. Spring flavors are light and airy and you should think about this when you are putting together you wedding menu.

For instance, try to integrate a lot of the fresh in-season vegetables into your menu centering around not only what you and your fiancé like to eat, but also things that are relatively common so your guests will enjoy it too.

The Perfect Spring Wedding Cake
Your wedding cake can possibly be one of the things you’ll be most excited about choosing. Spring wedding cakes can be really beautiful, and they can be used to enhance your wedding decor at the reception.

You may want to think about integrating a basket weave pattern, a floral scheme or even just the simple pastel colors of the spring into your wedding cake.

Perfect Favors for the Season
The key here is to find something simple that is associated with the spring wedding themes that you have chosen. Favors do not have to be expensive, but they should be thoughtful.

And with all of the blooming flowers that Nature brings to the spring season, you have a great many things you can do for inexpensive favors. You can choose to give each of your guests a personalized seed packet so that they can grow their own flowers.

Or design a lovely bookmark with spring florals as the backdrop. Whatever you choose, your guests will know how much you appreciated them joining your for your special day!

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