Men’s Wedding Rings: Yesterday and Today

Wedding rings for men did not become common until the Second World War, when U.S. Soldiers began to wear them to publicize their marital status. Since that time, men’s wedding rings have become ever more popular. Although not all men choose to wear wedding rings, those who do will find themselves with quite an array of options.

Many grooms are curious whether the husband and wife wear matching rings, or whether the groom might prefer a style all his own. It is more common that the man wears a wedding band that does not match his wife’s ring. For one, a man usually wears a wider band than the woman. In addition, some men may not feel comfortable wearing a ring that is too ornate, whereas women’s rings are more likely to have diamonds or engravings.

Even if the husband chooses a plain band for his wedding ring, the man must still consider the width of the band and the material it will be made out of. While the width of the band will usually correspond to some degree with the size and thickness of the man’s hand, the material of the ring will have more to do with style preference, color preference, and – of course – price range.

While the traditional gold band is still a classic choice, white gold and other silver-looking bands are quickly becoming the best sellers. For those men who prefer a white-gold feel but with more durability, titanium or platinum are good options. Naturally, a ring made of better material will have a higher cost.

A wedding ring is something that is purchased for a lifetime, so before settling on any band, the groom-to-be should make sure that it is something he will always be happy with.

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