Men’s Silk Scarves – Fashion at Its Best!

Men’s Silk Scarves – Fashion at Its Best!

With more and more men growing fashion conscious, there seems to be a trend for men’s scarves in almost all parts of the world. The scarves not only keep you warm, but also add to your masculine looks and charm. They can make your plain and simple attire look all the more aesthetic and fashionable. The most popular among all the categories of men’s scarves are silk scarves, which are preferred for their soft feel and rich lustrous look.

There is a huge variety of men’s silk scarves. You can either go for the unique men’s Oriental silk scarves which are made of 100 percent silk and are therefore very soft, smooth and silky. They are provided with unique Oriental calligraphy and fringe for added appeal. The most interesting aspect of these scarves is that they are double-sided and therefore, you can wear them anyways either front-side up or reverse-side up to match with your attire. They are usually 10 inches wide and 40 to 45 inches long. So, they are long enough for you to hang them freely from your neck, with both ends hanging down in front of your body.

Men’s silk scarves are usually available in white and off-white colors (such as beige and fawn shades) or other heavy shades such as black, maroon and navy blue.

Currently, the whole fashion world is talking admiringly about the white silk aviator scarves. These stunningly beautiful scarves are made of 100 percent silk and have a soft and silky feel. They are longer and wider than their counterparts, measuring 11 inches (wide) X 64 inches (long). In fact, the fringe is quite long (5 inches in length). The best aspect of these scarves is that the fabric is folded length-wise and therefore, these scarves appear to be made up of two layers. Apart from white, the silk aviator scarves are also available in solid black. There are classic aviator scarf varieties also, which are devoid of fringes and are equally appealing in look as well as feel. However, they are slightly shorter and narrower than other aviator scarves.

Probably the most popular mens scarves these days are the white silk aviator scarves… they have indeed made a winning comeback and are definitely here to stay. They look very nice whether they are worn with a leather jacket, denim jacket, sports jacket, suit, coat or sweater. They create an aura of masculinity and muscular charm, and add a cutting-edge fashion statement to any man’s outfit. They add an element of mystic beauty, and elegance to a man’s personality and are, therefore, very popular as gifts for men of all ages.

Other varieties include Oxford scarves (which are navy blue with satin thread work), Ivy League (in bold red and solid black colors) or the relatively long Harvard variety with fringes (which are exceptionally soft and sober).

Men’s silk scarves can be worn to work, for business meetings, travel, special occasions or parties. They make excellent gifts for special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas. They also make great gifts to present to the bridegroom during a wedding get-together.

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