Importance of Wedding and Wedding Planning

What comes into your mind when your hear the word “wedding”? I agree, this is one of the most unforgettable day of our lives and we do our best to make it last forever, right? We have been dreaming about this and it is coming. However, we cannot change the fact that this will also be one big expensive occasion. Well, it is definitely worth spending on this once in a lifetime event. Thus, it is time to plan our big day!

When we think about our big day, we focus more on wedding planning. We research, organize, schedule appointments and look for the best possible wedding destinations. Sometimes we tend to forget our specified budget then we end up disappointed and stressed. Wedding planning is stressful and complicated. We must consider different elements or aspects before we can make our decisions. We cannot ignore our relatives and friends (especially parents) suggestion before we can make our own arrangement. Remember, they are with us when we cannot do it on our own and they were there when we needed a friend. Although we have the last say, making sure they will not be hurt by our decision is a key element. Insuring we are on the right track is a big part of wedding planning and approaching it with patience, sincerity and love is what we desire. Considering different strategies when planning a wedding will be helpful in every aspects of the wedding. A successful wedding must come with a perfect wedding planning.

Wedding is not just about money and lust. It is not about how many people in the wedding party, invitations and decorations. We do not need to have that fabulous reception, the biggest cake, the best gown in town and all money on the planet to be successful on this event. Wedding only requires everlasting love, and that is more than enough. In the end, we will all sign the same paper that we will carry for the rest of our lives. And wedding will always be the start of a new beginning.

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