How To Buy A Student Model Trumpet

When searching for a student model trumpet for a beginning trumpet player, one should shop locally as well as on the internet (online.) There are many reputable musical instrument companies who offer solid student model trumpets. The following quality brands immediately come to mind … Yamaha, Conn, Bach, Holton and Kanstul.

Don’t buy a musical instrument locally unless the local stores deal is the absolute best price you can find after comparison shopping. As a resident of Columbus, Ohio … I have bought trumpets and flugelhorns both locally and from musical instrument dealers in Washington D.C. … and South Bend, Indiana as those dealers offered me the absolute best deals at that time. A significant amount of money can be saved from conducting a comparison shopping study before purchasing an instrument. Just go to a major search engine such as Overture, Yahoo or MSN and type in the word “trumpets” to do a search. After noting brands and model numbers that appear to be suitable (customer reviews of specific models are available on some online stores) … then comparison shop with those same brands and models to find your best deal. Some stores offer a “lowest price” guarantee as well as a “satisfaction guarantee” … find one of those stores to get the best and safest deals.

Most student model trumpets will come with a carrying case and a mouthpiece. Ask your dealer to make sure you are getting the following accessories along with your instrument: a case, a mouthpiece, slide grease and valve oil. Those are the necessities that will be required to maintain your student model trumpet.

To purchase a used trumpet, look at the classified ads in your local paper as well as local specialty papers such as the “Trading Times” … a newspaper printed weekly specifically for selling used merchandise. Many online musical instrument dealers also sell used trumpets. The advantage of buying a used instrument from a dealer is that the dealer will inspect the used instrument and repair whatever needs to be repaired before selling the instrument. If your intention is to shop local Pawn Shops, be sure that you have an experienced trumpet player with you who can inspect any horn you look at for flaws and verify it’s worth to you before paying what the Pawn Shop sales person ask for in a deal.

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