Dressing Well – How to Always Be Admired For Your Immaculate Dressing Sense

Dressing Well – How to Always Be Admired For Your Immaculate Dressing Sense

What you wear greatly affects how you are treated by your colleagues and friends. Wear a poorly designed, ill fitting suit, and be ready to be shunned whichever gathering you go to. On the contrary wearing a smart, designer dress is sure to grab eyeballs for you, and people would line up to be the first one to be seen with you.

This obsession of wearing the right dress for the right occasion is what drives fashion conscious people. Even the not-so-conscious are forced to dress well – and why not? After all, being smart and looking good adds greatly to the confidence of the person. It goes a long way in even reflecting the kind of person you are.

Whatever culture you may be from, there are always formal and informal dresses to choose from. It is extremely important to choose what to wear on what occasion.

Informal Places

Choose an informal dress like a skirt, a casual suit or a cotton Indian sari for ordinary times like working at home, relaxing in the sun and so on. You can even use all your old work clothes or favorite faded T shirt as no one is really watching you.

The Workplace

The workplace requires a more formal approach, and you would do well to wear something that looks smart yet does not attract excessive attention. Excessively flashy clothes are best avoided as they give an impression of trying to show off. Unless your job profile so requires it, attracting extra attention to your clothes at the workplace may well result in undesirable attention and distractions form work that your employer is sure to resent.

A plain skirt with a contrasting plain or striped tunic would do well. So would plain trousers or an Indian Punjabi suit with minimal embellishments.

Wearing The Flashy Stuff

Now let us come to places where you can really flash your expensive stuff. Some functions where you can carry off nearly any dress comfortably are:

* Weddings

* Evening gatherings

* Dance parties

* Club nights

* Prom nights and so on.

Low necklines and high hemlines are the norm here, and designer wear is to be flaunted like there is no tomorrow.

Off shoulder dresses look good and are sure to attract you the desired attention.

You can even go for something that looks exotic and sexy at the same time like an Indian Designer Sari with a matching blouse to show off your perfectly carved figure while still being called modest.

A word of caution here. The amount of skin you show should purely be what you are comfortable with. Do not go only with what your friends are planning to wear if you are not happy with the depth of the neckline yourself. There is no fun in wearing a dress that you have to keep tugging at throughout the party, is there?

Designer wear is available in plenty across the world, and boutiques are vying for your attention all the time. The entire fashion industry of the world is based on the requirement of looking good by wearing great looking clothes.

You can save a fair deal of time and effort if you concentrate your efforts on buying the good stuff online. Most online fashion stores offer customization of the dress you order to fit your exact requirements and figure.

Go ahead and dress well to be the star of wherever you go!

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