Dos and Don’ts Of Men’s Fashion: From Trench Advice to Invicta Watches

Dos and Don’ts Of Men’s Fashion: From Trench Advice to Invicta Watches

With the end of the world less than a year away, it’s important to look good at all times. You don’t know when this could be the last time you eat ice cream in a three piece suit. Better make it count. Read on for more style dos and don’ts.

Don’t wear a trench coat past your knees. It makes you look like a streaker or an old man getting ready for his morning commute. Your tailor can help you look fresh by hemming the trench you already have, or taking your sleeves on your favorite suit up so they reach about halfway between your wrist and your thumb knuckle. Make sure this is how all of your coats fit.

When attempting to lead the pack in fashion, it’s well known that you can get away with wearing female clothing (hence the popularity of the skinny jean) but some items are made for women specifically. See through shirts of any kind, for example. Shirts that come up above the beltline, exposing the midriff. And jeans that are a little too ripped will make people wonder.

Now for some dos. When mixing patterns be careful and confident. You can layer and add gingham, polka dots, and plaid, but make sure you have something solid to balance it out, like an all-black jacket, for example.

Mixing and matching formal with casual is tricky. If you’re going to dress it down, wear a suit with open top button and aged shoes. With a nice pair of shoes buffalo plaid goes a long way. Skinny ties are still acceptable and are guaranteed to dress up an outfit no matter how you wear them, but make sure to tie them long enough, just above the belt.

Hair can make or break an outfit. Comb and tousle, and chances are you won’t look unkempt. Extreme styles are shaved close on one side or area of the head and long on the other; forgo these fashions for a more traditional bedhead, if you’re trying to keep it funky. And there’s nothing like a side part with a little gel thrown in.

Pay attention to the details to stand out. Instead of choosing a traditional black or navy coat, why not olive or chestnut brown instead. A slim belt will get you noticed, and if you have a pair of suede shoes, think about adding a special pair of laces to attract some attention. Throw on diver watches, or any style of Invicta watches for men and stand out from the crowd.

Follow these tips and you will stay looking sharp until the day you die.

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