Celebrity Style Of The Week: Gabriel Akinosho

Celebrity Style Of The Week: Gabriel Akinosho

Gabriel Akinosho is our celebrity style for this week. He is a British style enthusiast and an entrepreneur, He is the creative director of Albert Clothing. From his name, we can tell he has a Nigerian heritage and he’s blessed with a beautiful family (wife and son) who are greatly influenced by his style sense.

It’s an established fact that Akinosho pays attention to details. His uncanny approach to the little things and his overall finish is to perfection. He rocks tailor-made pieces often times than not, he’s the definition of a well-dressed bloke. Either he’s on formal or cause, he’s killing it still.

Many would think he’s a professional model but he’s not. Many times, the clothes and shoes he’s modeling are from his personal wardrobe. Akinosho believes “life is art” and he shows that through his appearance.

We appreciate his style sense and he has merited our celebrity style of the week spot.

Why is Akinosho CSOTW?

1. Perfect Gentleman

He’s a man with social class, the way he carries himself speaks a lot. His dress sense and personality appeal to many positively. He’s calm and collected.

2. Street Fashion

Street style is a specific fashion style which comes originally from British fashion culture. The street is Akinosho’s fashion show. He demonstrates his multiple, negotiated identities, in addition to utilizing subcultural and intersecting styles.

3. Inspiration

His style sense speaks of his inspiration. According to him, he draws inspiration from everywhere and anywhere. His style motto is “I don’t do fashion, I am fashion”, which means that he makes his own rules. This is evident in his overall appearance.

4. Family

There’s this unexplainable flow when a family is in perfect synergy. Akinosho’s family eats, sleeps and breathes fashion. Fashion is a lifestyle to his family and they do it perfectly well.

We hope you love Gabriel Akinosho as our CSOTW. Would you like to up your fashion game? do contact us on +2347060526532

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