Alternative Modelling Jobs

Other than the standard editorial or fashion modelling jobs there are a wide variety of other photography options out there. This means you no longer have to be the tall skinny flawless girl to land a career in modelling. Let’s take a look at the alternative options available.

Parts modelling

This is the modelling of specific body parts, like hands, feet or legs. Parts models do not need to be beautiful; the only aspects that are important are the beauty of the body parts they use in the jobs. Parts modelling are mainly used in advertising of jewellery, creams and lotions, shoes and other aspects related to the parts.

Mature models

Mature modelling jobs refer to modelling work for older people. These candidates are usually older than 35 years of age. Advertising media have recently discovered that older people are more likely to buy clothes or accessories that are worn by older women and men in the photo shoots. Even though older is better it does not mean anybody can do it, the mature models industry are just as tight as the fashion industry.

Plus sized models

As the obesity rate in the world is on the increase a new position for larger sized people in front of the camera have arisen in the modelling markets. The plus sized markets are just as tough as the other markets to get into. Plus sized is anyone from a US size 12 and up. Modelling jobs for plus sized models still require the candidate to be beautiful and well proportioned. Most recruiters still want a hip to middle difference of at least a third, and they prefer taller people for these roles.

Promotional models

Recently more and more companies have started using people as part of their promotional campaigns at trade shows and fairs. These men and women do not have to comply with industry standards and their personalities plays a big part in these modelling jobs. Promotional teams are required to learn the details of the product and be able to promote and sell it to clients.

Alternative Styles

Yes, you have read correctly, there is even a market with jobs available for alternative looking people. These people include men and women with tattoos and piercings. Alternative models are often used to create characters for games or in online promotions and websites.

Petit Models

Just like the plus sized option there is also an option for the smaller sizes. To get into the petit market can be tough as there are bigger people in the world than smaller ones. Because the markets are so limited petit modelling jobs are scarce and difficult to come by. If you however make a name in the petit industry you can have a great modelling career.


If you are not the correct high, size or age for cat walk, fashion or editorial modelling you still have other options to get in front of the camera available if you still wish to pursue a career in this area.

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