A Look at the Most Famous American Jewelers

Tiffany and Co. is an American jeweler and silver company, probably the most famous brand name in diamond jewelry around the world. It was made extremely famous in the popular culture through various examples. For example, the American film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” starring Audrey Hepburn where the main actor would spend hours staring at the fancy jewels inside the store in New York.

In Marilyn Monroe’s song “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, Tiffany’s is mentioned twice”. The company was founded in New York on September 18, 1837. A James Bond film “Diamonds are forever”, a character explains that she is named after Tiffany and Co., also making her as the firs Bond girl. My blog about background information of Tiffany’s is mainly to help bride and grooms to be and also their wedding planners as most couples like to refer to their wedding planners as they are experienced through studies in wedding planning courses and also because they have planned a lot of weddings and may know about the type of wedding rings mainly preferred by couples.

Because Tiffany and Co. is an extremely famous choice by most people getting married and a lot of women have Tiffany rings on their ring fingers, it is important that wedding planners know details about this retailer- this is something not taught in so much detail in their wedding planning courses. When the store first began I had two partners and the name of the company was Tiffany, Young, Ellis. When Charles Tiffany took full control, the name changed to Tiffany and Co. and focused solely on jewelry. A wedding planner may wonder why this information is important. It is important because many clients (especially romantic ladies) like to link a product with its classical history which makes them more interested in it. For example, a wedding planning course will not teach you this but you can make your client’s experience better by offering some backdrop information on all the jewelry and designer options the clients may have.

The Tiffany diamonds have been worn by famous American families and also Hollywood stars. European royal families have also enjoyed these diamonds. In the late 1980s, Tiffany and Co. also ventured into the fragrance business launching its first floral perfume in 1987. All of this information is relevant to those who have already taken wedding planning courses or are planning to take wedding planning courses.

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