Ways to Get a Guy Interested in You by Observing 3 Types of Guys and His Interest!

There are quite a number of ways to get a guy interested in you and it all depends on the type of guy and his interests. It is best to spend some time observing that guy and knowing more about his habits before you try to get him interested in you.

It may sound tough and you might be afraid that by the time you have finished observing him and his habits he might have well fallen in love with another woman. For an intelligent woman, it should not take more than a few days observation to size down a guy and one you have done this you can plan on your approach in making him interested in you.

Below are the types of guys and his interest that you should know:

1. Smart & Suave Guys

These are the types of guys who make fashion a statement. Their clothes speak a lot about their attitude. They have well set hair and some of them look as if they have just attended a fashion show. These types of men love their women to be smart and suave too. If your guy is of this type, it’s high time that you started getting a bit fashionable yourself. For girls it is not so tough.

Just applying some makeup, setting your hair in the proper style and wearing clothes that are in fashion are generally more than enough to get such guys interested in you. It helps a lot if you are smart and know how to carry yourself. Though it might take some time to get such guys interested in you, once they are interested, they will never leave you. You should always keep yourself updated with the latest fashions and flaunt them.

2. Romantic Guys

These types of guys do not bother to make their fashion a statement. They have dreamy eyes, have a passion for music and nature and also are likely to fall in love with a girl who is simple & homely. Before you try to approach these types of guys be sure that you have taken proper care to apply soft makeup on your face and eyelids.

Talk with him about the latest romantic novels and state your love about romantic movies too. Go ahead and purchase tickets to the latest romantic movie and take him along. Chances are that he might reciprocate by inviting you to a candle light dinner. These guys are sentimental and will not betray a true love.

3. Eyes for you only guys

You can easily make out these types of guys because their gaze keeps on flitting from one girl to another. These are the worst type of guys and it is not recommended that one tries to make them interested in themselves.

These people are more interested in your body and they day they are tired of you, they will start hunting for another dame. A hug and a kiss and a naughty dress are more than enough to get such guys attracted. These guys also prefer girls that are brave so just go ahead and propose to him.

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