Top Three Free Ecommerce Shopping Carts System Explained

Top Three Free Ecommerce Shopping Carts System Explained

The Internet has revolutionized the ways of doing business and changed the business concept of staying on a specific territory. It transformed the commerce into e-commerce and ecommerce activities have grown exponentially. All of these are due to the availability free ecommerce solutions. As most of you know that many website hosting companies will offer ecommerce shopping carts to help you build ecommerce website easily, when choosing a website hosting service you may also need to check out what kind of ecommerce shopping cart system is available so that you will be able to run your ecommerce successfully.

In reality, there are hundreds and thousands of ecommerce solutions available over the internet. And from my own experiences, the top three free popular solutions often offered by hosting companies are osCommerce, Cubecart, ZenCart. If you are an amateur to these applications, this article will help you have a crystal understanding about each of them.


osCommerce is the popular open source shopping software offering a wide range of features that allows business owners to setup their online store quickly and conduct their online transaction easily. osCommerce software is one of the most favorite shopping cart applications among webmasters because of following advantages:

It caters for customers. Customer satisfaction and user experience are extremely important for any online store. This software pleases the customers in various aspects: customers are allowed to look into the status of their orders and are provided with detailed information regarding their order been processed or shipped; they are able to access their history of purchase; they will receive email notification if there is any product updates and product discount offers; they will be able to post or look for reviews about a particular product.

It eases your development process. When developing your online store, you should think of providing a secure way of shopping, osCommerce will allow you to create a user friendly store with a shopping cart model in a secure manner. With the “what is new” features, you can display new products and offers to the visitors the moment they enter your website. You are also able to install different payment method according to your requirements. Finally, osCommerce also supports Multi Currency and Multi Language supports which is an edge for your business if you expect global customers.


CubeCart is another extremely popular eCommerce solution serving for a vast range of online stores around the global. Simplicity is the key behind CubeCart and most webmaster find out that it allows a quick customization as well as ease of use. This application enjoys great popularity mainly due to following features:

• Fully template-driven layout

• Search Engine Friendly URL and content generation

• Gift Certificates

• Plug and Play Shipping/Gateway/Affiliate Modules

• Tax by State/Zone or Country

• Multi Currency Support

• Email Marketing

• Inventory Stock Control

• Digital Content delivery system

Zen Cart

Those of who have been using this kind of online store management system will certainly be magnetized by its usefulness. Those who are new to Zen Cart, I will explain the reasons below:

As an owner of your online business, you are not required to know development skills since it is a template based system and you can add, delete or edit the goods even though you do not know the basic HTML knowledge. In addition, you will be provided with a WYSIWYG editor, therefore, you can control the website layout fairly easily and create an easy to navigate online store for your customers. Zen Cart offers various supports for multiple product catalogues, pricing and payment methods, customer authorization keys, etc.

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