Things to Consider When Shopping For Infant Boy Clothing

When shopping for infant boy clothing, there are a few things to consider. The first thing to consider is what time of year the infant will be wearing the clothes. You don’t want to buy shorts for a boy that will be born in cold January. Most stores sell clothes one season ahead. For example, you will start to see long sleeved fall clothes in August, even though August may still be hot weather in many locations.

A good choice for any season is one piece bodysuits. These snap together at the bottom for easy diaper changing and are available in different sleeve lengths and fit close to the infant’s body. They are available in many colors and usually in packs of five or so. Simple white ones are a good option to use under other looser clothes or pajamas. This is helpful for small infants that have a harder time keeping a steady body temperature.

Until an infant starts walking, and thus becomes a toddler, shoes and socks are not designed for durability. They are mostly for keeping tiny feet warm. Like clothes, socks and shoes are generally sized based on general age groups such as newborn, 0-3 months, etc. These numbers are simply guidelines, so purchase whatever size you think will fit him most comfortably.

A popular option for both couples buying clothes for their new son or buying as a gift are one piece bodysuits or shirts that have cute sayings on them. Two popular ones are ‘Mommy’s little rockstar’ or ‘Daddy’s first round draft pick’. These are usually found in the infant section of department stores or on the internet. While light blue is a common choice for infant boys, not everything has to be light blue. Consider finding royal blue or even another color altogether for a change. Green, red, and yellow can be worn by boys without them being mistaken for girls.

A good idea is to shop for future growth. Boys grow quickly and will need new clothes often. Even if the baby hasn’t been born, and it seems a long way off, couples may want to buy a few items for a 3 or 6 month old to be prepared for when the baby outgrows the clothes they are in. Infant baby boy clothing should be fairly simple to buy and shop for if you keep these basic things in mind as you shop.

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