Tacori Fine Fashion Jewelry – Heirloom Tacori Pendants

Tacori Fine Fashion Jewelry – Heirloom Tacori Pendants

Tacori have always been famous for their gorgeous engagement and wedding rings. The Tacori collection has now been extended to include stunning diamond pendants of heirloom quality. These sensational Tacori pendants are going to be perfect for celebrating those major milestones in life, including the birth of children, anniversaries and birthdays.

These exquisite pendants will be ideal for the woman who already has a Tacori ring and would like to accessorize. These Tacori pendants range in styles and designs from traditional elegance and simplicity through to highly intricate designs that would be appropriate for a formal event. Many of these pendants would stay around your neck forever.

All Tacori pendants are displayed in their catalogs in 18K white gold. However, many of the pendants can be customized in platinum or colored 18K gold. Some diamond pendants have been created along the same concept of the Tacori rings, where once you have found a design you fancy, then you select a diamond individually to be set in the central position.

Customized Tacori heirloom pendants are all handmade. Depending on your particular requirements and specifications, delivery time can vary from immediately available to four weeks.

For anyone seeking an heirloom diamond pendant, the Tacori “Birth of your Child” is the ultimate. This is an engraved circle diamond pendant with 12 carved crescents cut out of the circle, and each crescent represents a calendar month. When your child is born, a diamond is set into the crescent marking that particular month. These pendants can have additional diamonds added for each child. These heirloom pendants would be ideal for any woman who is looking for a significant gift to celebrate the birth of her child. This Tacori pendant would be a fantastic gift for any new mother who already possess an eternity ring (which is often presented upon the birth of the first child).

Tacori have also released a diamond monogram initial pendant. These are not your standard letter set with a few pave diamonds, but a highly intricate square setting with involved engraving. The Tacori crescent silhouettes setting is in evidence, along with their famous engraving. At first sight, these fabulous pendants look like an Art Deco diamond pendant. It is only when you take a close look that you realize that there is a letter of the alphabet cleverly worked and set with pave diamonds in the center of the pendant. These pendants will become firm favorites with mothers and daughters, the subtlety of the initials allowing them to be worn by others who do not share the same initial.

Tacori have also included the ultimate accessory for those who already own a Tacori ring. This diamond pendant is a round pendant set with pave diamonds and featuring a large solitaire diamond in the center. This diamond pendant also has matching diamond stud earrings for the complete Tacori set. This pendant features Tacori engraving and the carved crescent silhouette setting. This diamond pendant is extremely indicative of all the features Tacori is so famous for. This particular pendant could be worn for any occasion from the office to a black tie gala event. This diamond pendant is purchased along the same lines as the Tacori rings, where you will be selecting your very own diamond as the center stone. This is a custom made piece of jewelry and will generally take a few weeks for your order to be completed.

Tacori pendants make absolutely stunning heirloom jewelry. Convert a memorable event into handmade jewelry that your family will be able to cherish for generations to come.

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