Enrichment Classes Based on a Webkinz Theme

Are you looking for a way to add excitement to after-school enrichment classes that are offered at the elementary level?

Why not use toys that kids are excited about? How about having a Webkinz themed class?

This Webkinz class could be one session or it could be a weekly session for 10 or 20 weeks! That’s how educational the land of Webkinz can be for children.

There are books available that allow you to reproduce the pages to use as handouts for the children with activity tips and suggestions for the leaders.

Within the world of Webkinz some games are really just arcade games. Others actually facilitate learning. If you have a computer lab available there are many specific activities that students could do. For instance, children can spend some time in the kitchen creating recipes and testing them. Will they create something delicious or will it turn out yucky like Gak?

Making two-minute skits/movies highlighting the pets could easily consume a two-hour enrichment session. Students could make commercials or music videos based on a given theme. Planning, practicing, and then performing for the rest of the group would be fun for all.

Another enrichment day could focus on measurement. Measure all the dimensions of the various pets. Which pet is the widest? Tallest? Longest?

The focus of another enrichment session could be based on animals. Comparing and contrasting the various types of animals. Are there carnivores? Herbivores? Omnivores? Do we own more house-type pets or wild animals? What are these animals like in real life? Would they make a good pet?

Webkinz craft ideas could include a gem hunt, making charms, creating trading cards, iron-on shirt decals, and a multitude of other animal crafts.

Trivia games could be played (using BrainQuest cards) as an adaptation to Quizzy’s Questions.

With the Olympics taking place, Webkinz Olympics would also be a great way to enjoy the outside, get some exercise, and play with pets.

How about a fashion show with pets and kids? By using dress-up clothing for the children and doll clothes for the pets, the combinations are endless. During the fashion show you could take photos of each combination. Then, with a craft project, children could decorate frames to hold the photo.

So, whether your enrichment class is for one session or for the entire school year, there are endless options for creating enthusiasm for learning by using the Webkinz pets. Kids will be begging for the next activity to begin!

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