Are Kids Clothing Stores a Rip-Off?

Take a trip to the local mall and walk into any store that is specifically designed for kids. The store will be fun and bright and inviting to children, making them drag their parents right on in. Until, you are faced with the high prices. Retail stores know that by manipulating the kids, they can manipulate those dollars right out of your wallet. Most kids clothing stores that you find in any big mall are a huge rip-off.

In many cases, the clothes are certainly of the highest quality – there is no doubt about that. But, is there any logic in selling a tiny pair of pants at a price that is double what you would pay for your own? How can a piece of clothing with that little fabric cost so much? Especially in the very high-end designer kids clothing stores, you will pay some crazy prices for even the most basic items like underwear and socks.

Well, you can beat them at their own game. Your kids don’t need to go into those stores to know what is in fashion. All they need to do is look at the kids around them at school. You might not think the clothes are cool or fashionable, but what is important is that your kid doesn’t stand out as the odd-ball kid in the weird clothes. By letting your child pick his or her own clothes (within reason, of course), you will have a happier kid.

One way to do this is by shopping at some of the online kids clothing stores that are popping up. You might be surprised at some of the prices that you can find. Often times, the clothes are imperfects, knock-offs, or just a year or so out of style, but the prices are affordable and your kids will love the clothes.

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