7 Wedding Gown Shopping Mistakes You Should Avoid

Your wedding should be the most magical time in your life. Except when it’s not. Weddings can be incredibly stressful, and nothing is more stressful than finding the perfect dress. Let’s face it: the dress says it all, and most of us have been dreaming of the perfect dress from age 5. Who hasn’t browsed through wedding magazines and discovered “the one,” only to find out that the dress is out of budget or simply doesn’t fit. You can avoid the heartache! Just avoid these top five wedding gown shopping mistakes:

Mistake #1: Window shopping. Unless you’re built like a Victoria’s Secret model (and if you are, kudos to you!), you need to be careful when you’re looking at dresses in magazines and on mannequins. Remember, those dresses are on stick-skinny models, and will look very different on you.

Mistake #2: Going over budget BEFORE you get to the store. Yes, this sounds difficult to do, but how many bridal magazines actually list the retail price of that awesome Vera Wang that you MUST have? Do yourself a favor and do some research. Most likely you will be able to find a similar gown that is in your budget.

Mistake #3: Not making an appointment. You’re the bride. That means that you’re queen for a day, right? Wrong. Make an appointment at the stores you plan on shopping. This way you can rest assured that you will be given the attention and time you deserve, rather than be treated like a nuisance.

Mistake #4: One-stop shopping. Sure Kleinfeld’s is the world’s largest high-end bridal store, and David’s Bridal has some beautiful gowns. But do they have the gown for you? Is their price range and quality really what you’re looking for and able to afford?

Mistake #5: Getting caught up. Caught up in what, you ask? The entire experience! Most bridal stores not only carry wedding gowns, but they also have a wide array of shoes, veils, gloves, purses, even flower girl and ring bearer accessories. Stave off the urge to indulge in these purchases, as they only detract from the gown. Focus on the task at hand, and take a little while for your accessories. You don’t want to have buyer’s remorse because the dress you loved only looked good with that veil you end up hating.

Mistake #6: Being a stickler for white. Wedding gowns have to be white, right? Not so! Very few women look beautiful in a bright white gown. Be open to trying on cream, off-white and even taupe. You’ll be amazed at how great you’ll look with a little color change.

Mistake #7: Listening to the peanut gallery. Sure, you want your mom, your sister, your college roommate, your best friend from grade school…wait a minute. Remember that everyone you bring to your shopping appointment is going to have an opinion, so be choosy. Bring those friends and relatives who have your best interests (and personal style) at heart.

Well, that’s it! Avoid those seven mistakes and your dress shopping experience should be perfect bliss!

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