Why Women Love Men Who Dress Well

Men, as husbands and boyfriends, are familiar with the feeling of having someone else fix – even choose – their tie or take the lint off their jacket. Women just love to take that extra step to ensure that their partner looks well dressed and squeaky clean before they head out the door. Why are women so concerned over their partner’s sartorial choices and appearance?

Stripes of success

First, an impeccably dressed gentleman exudes an aura of distinction around him. He gives off an impression of great success. And women are attracted to success in a man as bees are to nectar-filled flowers. Polished shoes, a stylish watch, and a genteel striped necktie are the perfect accessories to a well-tailored suit. Put together, they say, “I’ve got it made.” They also say, “I can afford to treat you to a really good restaurant with good, expensive wine.”

Fashion-wise eyes

There’s one subtle advantage of being with a well-dressed man: the man who knows good clothes is more likely to appreciate the woman’s clothes as well. Do you have any idea how much time the female species takes to choose their outfit for a date? Some of them even go shopping for the occasion, and we all know how long and leg-wearying women’s shopping trips are. It must be frustrating for them when, after all that effort, they end up with a date who doesn’t notice anything about their dress except its length and color.

And how about this classic scene: woman asks her husband, “How do these pants look?” and the husband’s eyes get all glassy because he can’t distinguish one pair from another? Certainly, there are benefits to being with somebody who could at least say if one pair of jeans makes their legs look short. Even better if that somebody could also tell them which jeans will make them look slimmer.

Flaunt-worthy male

But perhaps the biggest reason why women are fond of men with impeccable taste in fashion is the fact that it gives them bragging rights. Honestly, who wouldn’t fancy a boyfriend or husband who makes it a daily habit to dress like a model? Females blessed with such companions are bound to flaunt their dapper mates to colleagues, relatives and even neighbors! Let’s face it: Women have this need to look their best. And they can’t look their best without an equally good-looking and dashing mate by their side.

That’s why physical appearance matters. If you want to date good-looking, well-dressed, presentable women-and who doesn’t?-you need to be aware that such women are highly unlikely to work that charm on someone whose fashion sense is totally amiss. As the saying goes, birds of the same feather flock together. It is the man who likes to preen himself on a regular basis that’s more likely to captivate the type of woman who has a fashion sense of her own.

A bit of advice

Men who want to invest in fail-safe wardrobe pieces can rely on a striped tie with subtle patterns. Striped ties command attention and respect. They comes in various colors and patterns, suitable for any type of occasion and every season. You can never go wrong with a striped tie. One of the most popular designer labels for men’s accessories is Paul Smith. His exquisite silk ties are a hit among men who know how to flaunt their masculinity and style with very little effort.

Fendi has a sophisticated range of neckties with striped designs, one of which is the traditional signature line with a diagonal stripe pattern and the designer’s logo all over it. Another classic accessory is the pinstripe tie, possessing the same exquisite handiwork of the Italian label.

Today’s trends in fashion not only allow women to look their best. Men also have the right to be as stylish as they can be. And with the right suit ensemble, the fashionable man can move with great confidence and make the world his catwalk as well as his pedestal.

And of course, the eager female partner would be all too happy to escort him in his walk to fame.

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