Secrets to MLM Evaluation Before You Join

Before you hand over your hard earned cash or give the person pitching the latest lotion, pills or potion your credit card, take the time to truly evaluate the company and opportunity being offered.

The Pros and Cons

Every MLM pitch will tell you the company is the next MLM giant…the product you simply can’t do without…and why you MUST be part of this business opportunity before it’s too late.

History shows that over 95% of MLMs fail within the first two years. The companies that succeed tend to have the following critical elements:

A Consumable Product – Think Herbalife (vitamins) or Avon (cosmetics). These products are purchased and used by the consumer, and once used the consumers will re-buy if they are satisfied with the product. Products like replicating websites are not consumable, although they may include monthly fees.

A Compensation Plan that Makes Sense – Commission and Compensation plans that are too complicated for the average person to understand make it difficult to encourage them to participate. The goal of MLMs is to duplicate your efforts by recruiting others, and it’s hard to recruit others if they can’t understand how they will get paid.

An Experienced Executive Team – Beware the MLM opportunity where you cannot instantly find the information on the owners and executives and their business bios. Many MLMs are just a re-launch of a previously failed venture by the same owners and executives who may have crashed and burned the previous business opportunity. If the information isn’t readily available, there is a reason. Look for MLMs where the Executives have a solid business background and success in traditional business as well.

Research Online

Research every potential opportunity online. Some sites may have info on the company that is not readily available on the company site. For example, will often include the names of executives attached to a company even when the company does not readily disclose it. You can then search the executive’s biographical business history on the site, or use a search engine to dig for additional info.

Search for the negative as well as the positive. Adding the word ‘scam’ to a search query on a particular company may lead you to complaints on consumer sites, or postings from disgruntled former reps for the MLM. Not everything published under the guise of a consumer complaint is true – but use your gut instincts, and the consistency of the reports you uncover, to weigh the validity and volume of complaints when making a decision.

Compare the MLM to other MLMs using tools like By comparing the amount of public interest in a company, you can gauge if they are on the rise or decline, and how much reach they have into the marketplace.

Know Your Outs

Finally, before you hand over the dollars, be sure you know your options for getting your Salute e Benessere money back should you decide it’s not for you. Be wary of any company that only accepts checks as payments, or processes payments through offshore accounts. It can be almost impossible to get a refund in those situations.


Before you become involved in an MLM, do everything possible to insure the company is reputable, with a solid, consumable product, has a qualified executive team, and is as free of complaints as possible.

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