Choosing The Best Air Purifier: Step One, The Type

Today, more and more people realize that proper treatment of indoor environment is essential for their health. Modern environmental conditions are getting worse from year to year, and although there is not much we can do outdoors, we are able to protect ourselves and our families from most of air-borne pollutants at our homes.

There are several types of air purifiers: whole house air cleaning systems, room air purifiers, portable, personal, and car/vehicle air cleaners. best air purifier Understanding the difference between them will help you choose the one that will work best for your particular situation.

Whole house air purifiers are the most expensive systems, but at the same time most effective. They are installed in a house or apartment, and provide centralize cleaning of the air in the entire indoor space. If you have a HVAC system in your house, it gives you additional possibilities in installing your air purifying system. You may just need to equip it with a quality HEPA filter and UV treatment device.

Room air cleaners are designed to clean air in a single room/office. These devices are perfect for small apartments, offices, or in such cases when you are concerned of the air quality in a single room rather than an entire house or apartment. It can also be used as an effective alternative to a whole house air purifier: you can buy several room air purifiers using various technologies for different rooms of your home according to the type of pollutant prevailing: odor, dust, allergens, smoke, etc. (see Choosing The Best Air Purifier: Step Two). This will provide targeted attack to all indoor air quality problems you may have at your home.

Car air purifiers, as the name implies, are designed to clean air in car salons from dust, exhaustion fumes, odors and other contaminants. They are very useful devices for those who want to enjoy fresh air everywhere, and although modern cars all have air filters, they only clear air entering your car from dust, and are not treating the air inside the vehicle.

Portable air purifiers are small, lightweight, yet effective purifying systems useful for those who are always on the move. You can move them from room to room in your home, you can take them to your vacation house, you can take them with you on trips to use in hotel rooms, some of them have car adapters which allows to use them in cars and RVs.

Personal air cleaners are created for those who want to protect themselves from the polluted surroundings wherever they go. They are small devices that you can wear around your neck. Perfect to use on an airplane, on a walk, in an underground, in a taxi, etc. They are manufactured in a variety of designs, colors and shapes, to match your outfit. Easy to use and effective, they clear the air just wherever and whenever you need it. Of course, they are not so effective as room air cleaners, and are in no way an alternative to home air cleaning systems.

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